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KSU demands C&RD Block at Umdohlun or Wahkaji


Shillong, March 22: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) South West Khasi Hills Unit on Wednesday has once again reminded the MDA-II the need of creation of another Community and Rural Development Block (C&RD) at Umdohlun or Wahkaji area in South West Khasi Hills.

Speaking to reporters, Forwardman Nongrem the President of KSU South West said that the demand for the creation of the C&RD office at the area is from the year 2015.

Nongrem informed that there are 30-40 villages under Wahkaji and Umdohlun which is 2-3 hours journey from Mawkyrwat and Ranikor.

With the creation of the new C&RD office at Umdohlun or Wahkaji will ease the problems of people living in remote places who struggle to reach out to the administration due to the long distance, said Nongrem.

Lauding at the initiative taken by the legislators from South West and Mawsynram for raising the issue at the Assembly.

“We are grateful to the MLAs of the district who have raise the demand and we urged them to follow up with the state government as they are part in the MDA. 20 government”, said Nongrem.

Nongrem said that the new government need to upgrade Mawsynram to sub civil division as it is the oldest C&RD Block since 1962 with more than 160 villages under it.

“Mawsynram is about 50 km from shillong hence it is required for the government to upgrade Mawsynram CRD Block to Sub Civil division. Therefore, We urged the MLAs to follow up this demand with the government”, added Nongrem.

Nongrem further added that the Union are not against with the government’s decision in creating new C&RD Office in another part of the State, but the government should consider the creation of C&RD at Umdohlun or Wahkaji.

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