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It is time that all regional parties should come join forces together : Jemino Mawthoh


Shillong: The United Democratic Party (UDP) feels it is about time that all the Regional Parties in Khasi-Jaiñtia region to come join force together.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the General Secretary of the UDP Jemino Mawthoh said that the UDP right from the beginning has made all out efforts to unite the regional parties.

“You will never hear from the mouth of the UDP leaders condemning other regional parties, you will never hear us condemning the HSPDP, the PDF, the VPP or the KHNAM because we feel that we need to come together and join hands together”, said Mawthoh.

Mawthoh added that the UDP has put much efforts in uniting the regional parties right from 1997 and the effort by the party is continuing till today.

“Realisation will come on the leaders of the regional parties that we need to combine forces together and UDP being the largest and the oldest regional party in the State we need to capitalise from this”, further said the GS of UDP.

On questioning about the “fragmentation” of regional parties, Mawthoh said that not just within the regional but fragmentation are there within the the National parties also.

Mawthoh further expressed that all the Regional parties should come together so as they will put a good fight in the Lok Sabha election.


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