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BJP Meghalaya to file RTI on FOCUS scheme


Shillong: BJP Meghalaya expressed that it has prepared to seek information through the Right to Information with regards to the implementation of the FOCUS scheme widely implemented across the State by the MDA where cash assistance is usually distributed to the farmers group or producer groups.

Speaking with media persons, the leader of BJP Meghalaya, Ernest Mawrie  expressed that the party is left in darkness for as per the information received by the party, it is understood that there is misuse of this scheme and what is even more shocking is that till date no clear information has been received on where the funding for this comes from, which as a party they have received information that it is through a loan which is not less than Rs.15 crores.

With regards to this, Mawrie has already warned the people who have received cash assistance through FOCUS to be alert lest they have to repay the money with interest.

What is even more shocking for the BJP is that it has received information that the workers of the NPP even in Shillong have been asking for bank accounts of the people with the assurance that they will be receiving cash assistance or scheme through FOCUS, expressed Ernest Mawrie.

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