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Foundation Stone erected by Assam in Jatalong dismantled by the public


Nongpoh, November 13: The Foundation Stone erected by Assam Government in Jatalong, a village which falls under the jurisdiction of Raid Nongtung and which is also known as Block-2, was dismantled by the public at around 9:00 PM on Saturday night.

As per source information, it is said that higher officials of the Assam Government came and erected the Foundation Stone at around 12:00 PM on the same day and the purpose of the Foundation Stone was meant for the building of an I.B of the Forest Department.

News sources stated that the public from the village at seeing the Foundation Stone being erected by higher officials of Assam were deeply embittered and upon this basis, the public dismantled the erected stone during nighttime.

Based on what had been inscribed on the Foundation Stone, the Foundation Stone was erected for the purpose of building a Forest I. B in Jatalong village, inaugurated by Dr.Tuliram Ronghang, CEM of the KAAC in the presence of Horensing Bey, MP, Rupsing Teron, MLA, Abhijit Kro, MAC and other government officials.


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