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State Police Department on high alert to stop terrorists from entering: DGP


Shillong: The Director General of Police of Meghalaya, Dr.Lajja Ram Bishnoi said that the Police Department of the State, is on a high alert to stop at once all fanatic terrorists from other states entering or getting a chance to enter the state.

This statement of Dr.Bishnoi comes after recently the Assam Government took cognisance of the matter and started to conduct searches on a few places, after a strong suspicion that a group of religious fanatics with the intention to spread terrorism have gotten a chance to set base in the state.

Therefore, in order to stop such activities, the Assam Government had no other choice to begin search operations and raids on these places, and during such an operation by the Assam Government, it is assumed that some have been successful in fleeing the places where they had set base and are in hiding by going to other neighbouring states.

Dr Bishnoi expressed this while speaking with media persons today at the camp of the Border Security Force in Umpling.

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