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Public seek capital punishment for murderers of two tourist taxi drivers


Jowai: The tourist taxi drivers of different groups under the banner of the All Jaiñtia Commercial Vehicle Association (AJCVA), in collaboration with the Synjuk ki Waheh Shnong Jowai, the civil society organisations from Jaiñtia Hills and also the relatives of the two tourist taxi drivers,Fullmoon Kharsahnoh and Damehipaia Papeng killed by miscreants, today held a public rally which began from Wah Gate near Iawmusiang Jowai all along till the way to Kiang Nangbah Government College, Jowai, to strongly condemn the murderers of the two tourist taxi drivers which occured this month in two different places.

With regards to this incident, the police arrested 4 persons suspected of being involved in these two murders which includes I Love You Talang who is the leader of the group, Sampher Ksoo, Tell-Me Pyrtuh who is also known as Bormi, and Ramesh Dkhar who are now in police custody.

As a reminder, Damehipaia Papeng from Khongshnong whose wife is from Mihmyntdu, WJHD went missing from the 10th of August,2022 and his dead body was found on the 24th of August 2022, along the roadside of Jowai Bypass Road, while Fullmoon Kharsahnoh from Larnai, WJHD who drives a commercial vehicle from Jowai-Shillong went missing on the 16th of August,2022 and his dead body was found on the same day from Mynkre, East Jaiñtia Hills District.

In this rally a meeting was also held which was conducted by the President of the AJCVA ,Paila Kordor Lyngkot in which the speakers strongly urged the legal authorities to punish the miscreants as per their actions and that they should not be given any bail or released, but they should be given capital punishment or life imprisonment, otherwise such incidents will keep recurring in this area and region. It was said that if there is any relative or friends who pays their bail then they too shall be considered as being involved in this crime with them, therefore they have demanded and strongly appealed the Government authorities that they should not at all be given any bail.

Furthermore, they expressed their condolences to the families of the two tourist taxi drivers who were killed, that God may console and be with the family especially their children.

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