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What is behind the police raid of Bernard’s farmhouse? : Ernest Mawrie


Shillong: The President of the BJP in Meghalaya, Ernest Mawrie has raised a question, “What is behind the sudden raid by the police force of the farmhouse which belongs to the MDC who is also the Vice President of the BJP,Bernard Marak?”

Speaking with the media today in Shillong, Mawrie said that this farmhouse was established in 2019 with no ill repute attached to it, then why has this suddenly happened now.

Furthermore Mawrie also posed a question as to what is behind the police not taking along with them all media houses or reporters of each media house in the raid of the farmhouse but allegedly only one particular media house known as Hub was chosen.

With regards to this, Mawrie informed that the incidents as they happened, as a leader of the party was communicated to the party officials in Delhi and at the same time also expressed his unpleasantness with the news being announced by the Chief Minister of the State when in practice and protocol, such news should have come from the DGP or the police force of the district.

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