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Bernard playing politics; Government has given the police full discretion to do the needful: Prestone


SHILLONG, July 25: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong said the allegation of Bernard Marak against the Chief Minister over the raid of his farmhouse in Edenbari is false.

He said the police would not have done anything without receiving reliable information, however if it is said that it is politically motivated then that political game is played by Bernard Marak.

The police raid on the farmhouse of the MDC who is also the Vice President of the BJP, Bernard Marak over the allegation that it is a brothel pushed the MDC to make a counter-allegation that the whole raid was a political ploy of the Government under the leadership of the Chief Minister, Conrad Kongkal Sangma, while further alleging that the Government has also used the police to have him encountered.

On this matter Tynsong said that Bernard Marak should have filed a complaint if he knows for sure that the police are trying to kill him, however it is only after the raid on his farmhouse that he states such allegations. He said that there was no such order from the Chief Minister or the Deputy Chief Minister or even the Home Minister, however the police must do what needs to be done in their line of duty.

On being queried about the demand of the BJP to withdraw all charges against Bernard Marak, Tynsong said that the charges cannot be withdrawn because the raid was conducted by the police upon receiving reliable information and not as a political ploy.

On the allegations of Bernard Marak that the raid was a setup or staged, Tynsong said if it is acceptable to let him go just because he is a leader of the BJP and an MDC, and the Government has given full discretion to the police force to do what is needed.


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