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Public demands life imprisonment for the man who raped a child in SWKHD


Mawkyrwat, July 12: The criminal act of one man who raped a child led the citizens, the pressure groups, women’s groups and students to come out in a public rally demanding harsh punishment and also life imprisonment of the man who raped a child on the 7th of July,2022.

The public shouted slogans while carrying black flags to strongly condemn and also demand the legal authorities to sentence the rapist to life imprisonment. The rapist who committed this heinous crime on a child has led to the citizens living in fear.

The speakers on this day included from the Seng Samla Shnong, Domnik Khardewsaw, from the KSU Marcony Thongni F, from the HNYF Women’s Wing, Aibilin Khardewsaw and also the Myntri of the village, Wellesson Khardewsaw. In the end of the meeting, effigies were also as a sign of condemning the actions of the rapist.

The man who raped the child is identified as Spingdar Nongrem, about 40 years of age and is also a relative of the child.


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