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Dr.Mukul is blaming himself because he prepared the documents in 2011, says Conrad


SHILLONG, July 13: The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma said the Leader of the Opposition who is also the MLA of the Trinamool Congress,Dr.Mukul Sangma is blaming himself with regards to the border resolution because he was the one who prepared the documents and the map in 2011.

Sangma said this in retaliation to the allegation of Dr.Mukul with regards to the Border Resolution MoU which was signed by the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya and Assam, wherein Dr.Mukul said if the AITC is elected to power, it will revoke the MoU because the public are dissatisfied with it.

Speaking with media persons,the Chief Minister said it is disappointing that the Opposition has utter the promise to revoke the MoU, while adding that they had been in power for 8 consecutive years and did nothing, but now when they see some thing being done, they try and want to revoke and erase it.

With regards to the statement of the Leader of the Opposition stating the need to conduct a thorough inspection, to peruse the maps in detail, Conrad Sangma said the maps and reports or the documents were prepared by their government during their rule, and if it is said that maps are to be examined thoroughly or studied in detailed, they should have done it in 2011.

He said after they submitted the maps, documents and reports to Assam in 2011 to show the disputed areas, now these same people are saying look again at the maps, he added it is quite ironic that the Leader of the Opposition if he is blaming anyone then he is blaming himself.

He said that talk on this issue is perhaps because the election is near, because for years they have not had any issue to talk about in the election, and from Conrad Sangma’s side he said that they should not talk about issue which are sensitive and complicated, but he should talk also about development and other issues which are of concern for the public.

On being asked about the Border Resolution in the second phase which includes 6 other sites of dispute in the interstate border, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya said the talk will continue after flood related problems have been controlled because at present many parts of Assam are affected by the flood.

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