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Those found guilty in curruption the public should reject and penalized: Titos


SHILLONG, June 15: The leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) who is also the CEM of the KHADC, Titosstarwell Chyne said that allegations against the Government will always be there, but he also said that when there is an allegation then there must also be proof to confirm the crime committed, and added that if anyone is found guilty of being involved in corruption then that person should be penalised and also be rejected by the public.

He further stated that the UDP which is a partner in the Government has spoken against corruption and also expressed that the Government must make public the enquiry report of the corruption allegation in the MeECL.

Titosstarwell Chyne said that if the allegation is against a Minister of the UDP also there must be an enquiry conducted for the revelation of the truth, however, proof and evidence must also be present to validate the allegations, and further stated that the UDP from the start had been intolerant of corruption.

At the same time he said that there has never been a Government which has been free of any allegation, and if allegations are not there then it means the leaders are inexperienced, and those that have are making allegations now when they are in the Government will also be charged with allegations all the same.

Chyne also said that it is not necessary to allege against anyone because the people are wise and already know how to judge their elected representatives, how many speak on matters of public concern and how many MLAs speak up in the Assembly.

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