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Corona Testing Centre turns into a drinking joint and space for sexual acts


A building which was specifically built by the District Administration of West Khasi Hills District as a Corona Testing Centre in the past months which is also in Nonbah, Nongstoiñ has instead turned into a toilet used by a passersby who take the route through the building which is situated in the middle of Nonbah road.

When t7 inspected the site several signs indicated that the people have also used it for as a late night drinking area while some also used it to indulge in sexual acts.

Furthermore, while seeking information from drivers who parked their vehicles at the location, they said that the presence of the building is without any basis and is an embarrassment also for them because there are many who misuse the building even during the day however they do not dare say anything since it’s not their responsibility, apart from that, the building has also led to congestion for them now for the number of cars are also increasing with each passing day.

Speaking with P.D Sangma, Deputy Commissioner said that soon the building will be demolished since it is no longer needed.

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