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We shall constitute an enquiry committee and also answer to the NEC over the construction of the ISBT: Dasakhiat


SHILLONG, May 24: The Minister incharge of the PWD(Building), Dasakhiatbha Lamare said that he will constitute an enquiry committee with regards to the alleged shoddy construction of the Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT), and after a report is received, the department will adjudge which action to take.

Over the inspection of the Central Scheme Monitoring Committee (CSMC) of the BJP which has decided to file a complaint and inform of this shoddy work to the Central Government and the NEC, the Minister said that the department will provide answers if required to the DoNER or the NEC in connection with this matter.

On being queried, the Minister upheld that cracks and leakages are usually there in any building and are inescapable especially due to the weather conditions, and he said that the contractor will have to repair and rebuild the place in a better way.

With regards to thermocol and rubber being found under the surface of the building, Lamare said that big buildings such as this are required to be free from collision, especially since the ISBT has entries and exits of heavy vehicles which can shake the building as a whole but however, if it is shaken too, to especially prevent them from colliding or cracking.

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