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KSU meets the DAO&DHO over the woes of the farmers in SWKHD area


Mawkyrwat, May 25: The Khasi Students’Union (KSU) of South West Khasi Hills District expressed grave concern over the damages to the crops such as potatoes and maize due to insects.

The union under the leadership of Plosborlin Kharjahrin, Environment Secretary, KSU, South West Khasi Hills District with grave concern met with the District Agriculture Officer (DAO) and the District Horticulture Officer of South West Khasi Hills District to talk on this matter and to seek for means on how to move forward henceforth. The union in this meeting also put up a appeal that as an Office it must take the responsibility as well and do the needful by providing ways and means on how to eradicate these insects which have destroyed their crops.

The union also placed an appeal with the farmers that whenever there are any effects due to the forces of nature or if an insect infestation leads to a damage of crops to inform of the incident immediately to the authorities incharge by cooperating with them, so that the office can do the needful.

At the same time they have also expressed their gratitude to the two departments in meeting with the union whereby the officers have promised to give due importance to the matter.

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