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BJP to inform the Central Government about shoddy construction of the ISBT


SHILLONG, May 19: The leaders of the BJP in Meghalaya who are members of the Central Scheme Monitoring Committee(CSMC) under the leadership of A.L.Hek on the 19th of May conducted an inspection of the Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) in Mawlai Mawïong.

The inspection conducted by the members of the BJP comes after many allegations with regards to the construction of the ISBT, because the heavy rain in the past few days led to the building showing cracks through which water was seen leaking and further it was found that thermocol and rubber were used under the cemented surface.

Speaking with media persons, A.L.Hek, former Minister in the Government said that the inspection conducted by the Monitoring Committee is for the safety of the public, especially after many complaints were received from them.

He said that the Committee will write a letter to the Central Government and inform the North-Eastern Council on the findings of the inspection. On being asked, Hek said that there must be an enquiry conducted on this shoddy construction allegation of the place.

The ISBT in Mawïong funded by the North-Eastern Council and the State Transport Department while the construction was overseen by the Public Works Department at an expenditure of Rs.48 crores. The funding for this project was allocated from 2013, and in this terminus about 150-200 buses can be admitted.

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