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Nongstoiñ flooded with rain water twice in a week


It is the first time to see heavy rainfall flooding the town of Nongstoiñ upto twice in a week due to the incessant downpour in the past few days.

In connection with this matter when t7 inspected the places in Nongstoiñ town especially the places where flash floods usually occur, it was found that there are truly a few places which have been affected due to flash floods but fortunately no life was harmed except for a few financial losses of the street vendors in private markets which are on the sides of Nondien river and Nonbah river.

A few pavements were also slightly damaged which affected the plying of vehicles including also the wall of the Police Station and one road which is close to old Civil Hospital which is a road leading from Nongstoiñ to Sohpian, and upon watching the manner in which the flash flood occured, the sight was truly terrifying especially if the rain had not stopped sooner because in a few places, private vehicles were submerged in water and it was clear that if the rain had continued the vehicle parked at the compound of one house would have been swept away in the flash flood which swelling up terrifyingly.

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