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Crops destroyed by flooding rain water leaving the farmer community disheartened, President of the HFU and BDO of Mawkyrwat C&RD Block conduct inspection


Mawkyrwat, May 17: Due to the incessant rain lasting for many days, the farmer community of all of Mawkyrwat area is left disheartened due to the sudden flood of rain water in the few days causing them much anxiety and also great losses financially as well as the efforts put into the cultivation of their potato crops measuring about many thousand quintals.

“The flooded water covering the potato crops and ginger crops fields have led to huge financial losses because the crops cannot be kept for a longer period anymore”, said one potato farmer.

On these incidents, the farmers along with the President of the Hill Farmers Union (HFU), Central Body, Commander Shangpliang and the Block Development Officer of Mawlai C& RD Block, I.Lawrynniang, MCS, conducted an inspection of the cultivation fields in the areas across the river in Jasiar village, South West Khasi Hills District and witnessed for themselves the destruction of the crops which was truly saddening and much greatly disheartening to the farmers who put in so much hard work throughout the year.

The President of the Hill Farmers Union (HFU), Central Body along with the farmers put up a request to the authorities incharge of agriculture to promptly take some action in the event of such incidents which will be of much assistance for the coming future days because their crops can no longer be marketed in the same way as in the previous years.

As a reminder, just in the past few months, these potato fields in Mawkyrwat area were destroyed by leaf-eating insects and now in the past few days, their crops have again been destroyed by the incessant rain and flood, and all these natural calamities have greatly disheartened the farmers in this part of Mawlai area.

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