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For 10 days now, no worker yet found from factory which caught at fire


A worker working at Shiv Polymer Factory located at 15 Mile near Byrnihat which was completely gutted down by a fire on the 22nd of April, has till date not been found since the day of the fire.

It has been informed that at the time of this incident, the worker identified as Rahul called his father to inform him about this incident and his father told him to evacuate immediately to avoid any harm to himself. After he did not return for a long period of time and when his phone upon calling responded as switched off, the family of Rahul informed the police of Sonapur Police Station.

As a reminder, this fire in the factory which lasted for upto 20 hours has led to more than 300 workers facing several hardships with many of them having to stay the night on the roadside.

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