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On the demand of the residents of Them Ïew Mawlong, the talk to resolve the matter is not over: Conrad


SHILLONG, April 27: The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma said that the talk to relocate the residents from Them Ïew Mawlong is not over, because it is not easy to resolve it, especially since it does not only affect the State but has and effect outside the State as well.

The statement of Sangma was made in response to a query on the demand of the Harijan Panchayat Committee in order to relocate from Them Ïew Mawlong or Sweepers’ Colony, which has seen objections from the many as well.

He said that the Government has come very far with regards to the alleviation of problems arising from Them Ïew Mawlong. He said that the HPC has expressed its feeling and it also has a right, but the Government will have to adjudge the demand and if the Government finds the demand to be beyond acceptable then they shall have a talk again with them.

He said that such talks cannot be brought to an end in only a few meetings, but the Government has gone much ahead, and the Government has to also take into account that they citizens of Meghalaya and it is the duty of the Government to ensure that they are made to feel safe, and to ensure also that the settlement of problems is done by listening to both sides.

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