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Appeal to leave aside antagonism for removal of garbage from Ïawmusiang


SHILLONG, April 22 : The Jaiñtia Students’ Union (JSU) has warned the Government to not waste money only on festivals and must fund the Jowai Municipal Board so that it can get a proper dumping ground to clean up Ïawmusiang and all of Jowai.

The leaders of JSU today held a public meeting at Ïawmusiang to make a demand with the Government to promptly seek a proper site to dispose off the piling garbage in Jowai.

The members of JSU said that this is only a start and the organisation will also call for a meeting with the Synjuk Waheh Chnong Jowai, Synjuk Waheh Chnong Jaiñtia and other Elaka or Village Chiefs, different civil society organisations as well as other voluntary organisations for a unanimous decision on the uncleared garbage in Jowai and to think of ways and means to present at once a proper site.

At the public meeting expressions from market vendors and the public were heard and all demanded the Government in one voice that the Municipal must ensure a proper site to dump the garbage from Ïawmusiang. The people and leaders of the organisation who spoke at this meeting have requested the residents of Jaiñtia Hills to do away with any antagonism of being different areas or villages because Ïawmusiang is a market of all the people of Jaiñtia Hills and they also said that the Municipal must ensure that it has the fund to start a full-fledged scientific waste management system.

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