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Mawkyrwat, April 06: With regard the news in media agencies in the past few months in connection with the Mid-day meal rice which the Government specified as fortified rice with iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 as health supplements, a few schools and villages in South West Khasi Hills District received a clarification on this mid-day meal rice which created a lot of doubts in the minds of the public.

The doubts of the public led to their hesitance in consuming the rice and a clarification was required from the food safety department on whether there were great benefits to be received of they remained in the dark.

Smti. D.BS.Mukhim, Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety presented a public clarification in the Community Hall of the DC Office, Mawkyrwat in the Village Myntris, teachers, youth groups in the localities and a few civil society organisations were especially invited in order for them to be clear on the mid-day meal rice so that they are no longer hesitant in consuming the fortified rice.

On this matter, they also received ample information on how to choose food items which builds the body, in which it was said that as consumers we are under a misconception that costlier food are more nutritious for the body but we do not think that we can get nutritious food even from those items grown in the garden and also which grow naturally in mother nature.

In order to turn our food into the look of a rainbow, we must get all colours which can be easily procured from the garden and the food we consume is the backbone of our life as a community. The food we consume are sacred because they build the body but before we consume them we should be cautious to clean them thoroughly and in order to avoid any health problems it is best to avoid food that are detrimental for health.

It is wrong to blame anyone without finding the full truth first and revealing it to the world and public platforms, therefore follow the right path and find out the truth first from superiors so that there is benefit in every aspect.

On this matter, the participants were cleared of all their doubts with the clarification given by the Office of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

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