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SHILLONG, March 15: The writing on the wall put up by the defence force which reads, “Trespassers will be shot”, has created a sense of fear amongst the local public residing in close proximity to the premises of the defence forces. This kind of writing can be seen on the wall of the Air Force premises in Rngi Shyllong village.

In expressing his grave concern over the words used to warn the public, the Nongkrem MLA, Lambor Malngiang today presented a short duration discussion in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, in which he demanded that the Government must take due notice of the words written on the wall as they create fear and anxiety amongst the local residents.

He expressed that if the local residents who cannot read and cannot understand the writing on the wall happen to mistakenly commute through the given path on their way to the market, they will be shot dead, for the warning sign says so.

In response to the matter taken up for discussion, the Chief Minister, Conrad Kongkal Sangma said that the Deputy Commissioner had received a complaint from the FKJGP, and the DC has sought a clarification from the Commanding Officer of the Eastern Air Command, and on the 7th of February a response was received from the PRO clarifying that the writing is not at all a threat, but it is a warning and notification which is put up in all places where the defence personnels reside to safeguard against enemies.

He said that as per the response furnished by the PRO of the Air Force, the warning was put up following the attack on the defence camps in Pathankot, Samjuwan and other places, and after those incidents, the defence forces were instructed to restrict and strengthen security measures and to prohibit local residents from entering the premises of the defence forces.

Sangma also said that the Officer-in-charge of Mawngap Police Station along with the local village administrators and the youths met with the Air Marshall of the Eastern Air Command to talk on the warning, and the Air Marshall informed the local village administrators and the O/C that the warning has been put up as per the directives from the Air Force Headquarters, and it is meant to safeguard them from enemies.

On the usage of words that create fear and anxiety amongst the local public, the Chief Minister said that it is not easy for the State Government to resolve this, however the Government without making any promises will try to discuss this matter with the Defence Ministry.

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