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Jowai: In part to further expand the presence of the Trinamool Congress party, on Saturday the 12th of March,2022, a new unit of the party was established and confirmed in 4-Mookaïaw constituency in a gathering held in the Community Hall of Laskein village in West Jaiñtia Hills District.

On this day, the office bearers of the new unit were confirmed by Charles Pyngrope, President of the TMC in Meghalaya, in the presence of H.M.Shangpliang, James Lyngdoh-Vice President, Shitlang Pale and others.

Before the officer bearers of this unit were confirmed, a brief meeting conducted by Nicholas Suchiang was held in which a speech was delivered by Lasting Suchiang who will be contesting in the upcoming Assembly Election as a candidate of the party from 4-Mookaïaw constituency. Lasting Suchiang and the other members present warmly welcomed the leaders of the TMC and expressed gratitude for their ready acceptance to come to this constituency and confirm the office bearers of the unit there.

Charles Pyngrope from his end expressed great happiness on this momentous day for the TMC party to be present and confirm the office bearers in the constituency itself as it is the first unit of the TMC established in West Jaiñtia Hills District and he is confident that just as the symbol of the party which is a blooming flower, they too shall bloom and flower in this District through the hard work of the office bearers, while also praising and wishing the best to Lasting Suchiang who will be the candidate of the party from 4-Mookaïaw constituency.

He said that this party is not like other parties for this party accepts and holds dear members from all communities and religions without any discrimination, also the National President of the TMC, Mamata Banerjee is a good person who works sympathetically for the poor and needy without any partiality or discrimination.

Himalaya Shangpliang in his speech said that this party is the only one that poses questions in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on the problems faced by the people in Jowai city with regards to the piling uncleared solid waste in Jowai city. He also said that the TMC has also presented the question to the Minister incharge of the Education Department on the lack of proper infrastructure for schools in the state, as he does not want the school buildings be in dilapidated conditions, and the TMC party also presented the issue of the problems faced by farmers as well as the poor.

The office-bearers of the Block in this constituency include Morningstar Suchiang as the President, Wanri Sumer, Kotidimus Syngkon and Roming Suchiang as Vice Presidents, Wanbait Suchiang as General Secretary and 6 other Joint Secretaries with about 10 EC members.

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