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Shillong: The Congress MDC from Mylliem constituency, Ronnie V.Lyngdoh expressed that the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council needs to come forward and support the schools
which are runned by the local village administration.

Speaking with media persons yesterday after the Budget Session of the KHADC concluded, Lyngdoh said that there are schools in villages with only two classrooms and one or two teachers who have to take up to 6 to 7 classes.

These schools, expressed Lyngdoh, are the ones which require the most help and support, which if not extended by the Government then the District Council should come forward and support schools like these, for if the students belonged to a family that can afford to send their children to a better school, then they would not send their children to such schools and most of the students studying in these schools come from economically weaker families who cannot afford to pay much for education, and it is right to support schools like these.

Lyngdoh reiterated strongly that the District Council should support these schools as they do not get much support from the Government.

Lyngdoh expressed his surprise at the allocation of up to ₹15 crores for Council Assets while only ₹25 lakhs was allocated annually for schools.

Besides that, Lyngdoh added that there are schools which pay a salary of only ₹1500 to the teachers in a month, which in this present day and age, is lesser than the pay of a muster roll working in the PWD and PHE department which is not less than ₹10,000 per month.

Undeterred by minimal salaries, the teachers however continue to perform their duties with much sympathy, love and concern for the children coming from economically weaker families.

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