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Shillong: The dark cloud of uncertainty in the past two years due to the onslaught of the highly infectious disease in the world all over which affected everyone especially the poor and needy who work throughout the day for a meal in the night, more so the farmers, whose produce did grow well during this time, but these produce,however, remained in the fields as there was no market to sell them or for them to sell them in any other way.

In connection to this, t7 news got a chance to speak with a few farmers on what their hopes may be for this year when a decrease is seen in the number of patients contracting the disease, responding to this query, the farmers could not help but be sorrowful while remembering the two years of journey spent in hardship, as much of their work begins in the market and ends again in the market, which as an example, when the season to prepare for sowing is near, seeds have to be bought from the market, after that comes the part of nurturing the planted crops to the time of fruition and up to the season to reap the ripe produce and take them once again to the market to sell.

In order to buy the necessary requirements, the farmers face one problem after another and that is in the matter of pricing, for when buying the necessary requirements such as fertilizers and seeds, the prices of fertilizers and seeds are expensive while when the produce are to be sold, they have to be sold at a cheaper price.

Another farmer while responding to the same question said that as a farmer it is very difficult to give a ready answer on what the coming times will be like, however what is in their hearts is only a strong faith which has remained intact still even during the two years of the pandemic, yet the farmers did not lose hope, more so when helpful means are received from the representatives of their respective constituencies.

As a farmer, the hope in everyday life is once a seed is sown, they look forward for the best along with the hope that once again the world will go back to normal, and more so for the Covid-19 pandemic to go away.

Last but not the least as farmers, their everyday life goes hand in hand with the forces of mother nature, especially for the water in the form of rain and other aspects as well, for the seasons to come on time and go in time are the hopes of the farmers, and in this way for agriculture to continue rolling from one season to another.

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