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Shillong: The MLA of 17 North Shillong, Adelbert Nongrum will have to be well prepared, for in the coming year, from his constituency, as per words on the street, it is understood that almost every political party is prepared to field a candidate in this constituency.

Although the full names of these candidates, for now, are not yet ascertained to be revealed, the incumbent MLA, Adelbert Nongrum would like to express that election come and go in which many candidates with their free will come forward to offer themselves at the election with the Constitution of India also allowing anyone to contest.

Turning to himself as the incumbent representative, Nongrum said that he has tried to fulfill all his duties judiciously even though the public found him alone as suitable to be elected from the KHNAM without giving any reasons as to why the people found him alone as suitable to be elected.

However as an MLA, in the past four years, he has tried to complete his own duty, his path, and responsibility, to try and bring developmental works and as it is at present, Nongrum has left it to the mandate of the public.

Furthermore, Nongrum said that as a representative of the KHNAM, and himself as the metaphorical lone arrow of the party, perhaps many have not seen and will not see the arrow, for it is difficult to hear or see it as the arrow is silent, however, a time will come to reveal what has been tried or speak even on issues which he has tried to take forward in his own capacity.

As an addition to the conclusion on this question, Nongrum stated again that he has left it all in the hands of the public while those wanting to contest in the election cannot be stopped.

However, the aim that Nongrum has set ahead is that in his life, he will not end up just contesting elections but for issues of the constituency and the state to also be won and met.

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