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Due to the extreme low prices of farm produce as a result of the Government stopping the supply of Urea fertilizer and the exorbitant prices of Urea fertilizer in the market, the farmers from Mawkynrew constituency today held a gathering at Thynroit village in order to express to the Government their problems and financial hardships since the prices of their farm produce has extremely deflated more this year than in the previous years.

In this meeting, thousands of farmers which constitute about 90% in this constituency came forward with placards to express to the Government the great financial distress they are in as farmers by making only about ₹4000 as profit which has led to much problems in their children’s education, in providing for their households and in selling their produce such as potatoes, tomatoes and cabbages which are farm produce grown majorly in these areas.

Kansing Lynshian, one of the elders from this area expressed much anguish on seeing the farmers having to go through so much problems due to the inability of the government in extending a special recognition to the farmers, especially in the Government’s move to stop providing them with Urea fertilizer which is the best fertilizer for their vegetable produce, for now this fertilizer is sold by dealers at exorbitant prices crossing up to more than ₹1000 while in the past the Government provided the same at ₹3.50-4.50 only. He also said that during the lockdown, the trucks would ply in the night without having any car passes whereas vehicles transporting farm produce would be stopped by the police followed by fines which they had pay and even though they were transporting essential items for the public, yet the police remained unaffected.

Furthermore, from his end he also requested the Government to extend a recognition especially to the farmers of potatoes, cabbages and tomatoes, products which are consumed by the people everyday and it must come up with a Minimum Support Price which will benefit and result in a better income for the farmers in the same way as the recognition was extended to broom grass farmers in these past few weeks.

From his end, Lynshian expressed to the public in thousands that on Monday, the 28th of February,2022 he will meet with the MLA to have him hear the problems of the people dependent on agriculture and to request him and the Government to have a discussion on this issue in the Budget Session to be held in March, of extending a recognition to the farmers, of extending a recognition to their produce and for the Government to supply Urea fertilizer again as illegal buying from dealers selling at exorbitant prices causes much financial losses to the farmers.

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