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Jowai: In part to retain and sustain traditional methods of farming, Jaintia Hills Development Society (JHDS) today the 23rd of February,2022 inaugurated a building with a millet processing unit in Samanong village. The unit was inaugurated by the President of KHUBLEI Germany, Garhard Albert in the presence of the Director of JHDS, Rev.Fr. Manbha Pakem and the staff of JHDS.

It may be pointed here that Samanong village is one of the many villages which has retained and is still practising traditional methods of millets farming in Jaintia Hills which is one of the best produce on the verge of extinction.

In the past years, Jaintia Hills Development Society put in major efforts in promoting agriculture in Jaintia Hills and in 2019, it was found that only 3 households are still involved in millets farming but mainly as fodder for pigs.

Therefore, in order to revive this old seed with many potentials, JHDS worked tirelessly in encouraging the farmers through many training programmes especially in training the farmers to use their produce in baking cakes.

Through the pursuance and encouragement of the JHDS,till now upto 20 households have started to engage again in the farming of this age old produce.

Furthermore, in order to increase the income of the farmers, JHDS also donated this millet processing unit which will be under the supervision of SHISUR Self Help Group with the purpose of utilising this almost extinct produce in different types of food products.

On this day words of encouragement were also delivered by the Director of JHDS and Chief Guest, Garhard Albert who encouraged and motivated the farmers to work hard and move forward in the production of many more products from this produce. Fr.Manbha Pakem also promised that the JHDS will continue to support them especially in marketing and promoting these food products made from millets.

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