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SHILLONG, February 11: The Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and also incharge of the party in Meghalaya, M.Chuba Ao said that the 5 MLAs though elected on a Congress ticket have now accepted the ideology of the BJP, because if they have not accepted it then they would not have come forward to work together in a Government in which the BJP is also a partner.

Following the support extended by the 5 Congress MLAs to the MDA Government, the BJP today the 11th of February held a Core Committee meeting in which it was decided that a clarification will be sought from the Chief Minister of Meghalaya as no prior information was conveyed to them before approving the offer of support by the Congress.

He said that there is no problem in accepting the Congress as a partner in the Government in which the BJP is also a partner, and also said that the support extended by the Congress to the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government only showcase their weak stature and it is evident now that there is nothing left for them although they want to show that they still have some air.

Responding to a query, Ao said that the aim of the BJP is to make Meghalaya free of the Congress or a “Congress Mukh Meghalaya”, and added that the Congress party which is a national party, does not have a full-fledged President which shows that it is a party on the verge of a collapse, and in order to keep and make their presence felt they have to go and work with any party whether it be the BJP, the NPP, the UDP or any other.

The leader of the BJP also said that it is not the BJP that wants to work with the Congress, but it is the Congress that wants to work with the BJP in Meghalaya, because the Congress MLA are already aware that the BJP is in the Government and yet they have come forward to support the Government.

On further queries, Ao said that the BJP will not retract it’s support from the MDA Government led by the NPP and any party can join hands with the Government to strengthen it further.

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