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SHILLONG, January 18: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong said that the demands put forward by the MLA of North Shillong, Adelbert Nongrum are demands that the Government has given due importance to and the sit-in protest carried out by the MLA is just like a political drama.

He said that Nongrum has seen the measures taken by the Government over the demands he had submitted and expressed that he does not understand the motive of the KHNAM MLA in organising a sit-in demonstration. He said that the issues that Nongrum had highlighted are also at the forefront for the Government to address and are still

in the processing stage, while adding that it does not suit anyone to present the same as a vision today, fulfilled easily tomorrow.

Tynsong further stated that it is not appropriate for Nongrum to take a recourse of political drama especially when the electorate in full faith has sent him to the Assembly and he should initiate the discussions should at the designated place as there is no time for any kind of drama when issues affecting the State and the coming generations are a priority for deliberations.

Responding to a query, the Deputy Chief Minister said that he does not feel the need to meet with the KHNAM MLA who is in the midst of a sit-in protest at present because the protest over the fulfillment of the demands he listed is absurd especially since the Government is working tirelessly towards the fulfillment of the same demands.

It may be pointed that the MLA of North Shillong and also President of Khun Hynñiewtrep National Awakening Movement began with his 5 days sit-in demonstration yesterday over the inaction of the Government on the 5 points of demand he had demanded to be fulfilled before the 50 Years of Meghalaya Statehood celebration.

The demands that Nongrum had put forward to the Government for action before the 50 Years of Meghalaya Statehood celebration include, the re-examination and revamping of the State reservation quota/policy, increase in the upper age limit for applicants of government jobs to atleast 37 years, a separate Meghalaya cadre for the IAS, IPS,IFS, the relocation of Them Ïew Mawlong residents in accordance with the law and to remove the problems faced in the interstate border areas with Assam.


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