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CEM was shocked that there are multiple instances of “Tang Jait” after HYC’s inquiry



Shillong, Sept 02: The Chief Executive Member of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District¬† Council (KHADC), Titosstarwell Chyne said that the KHADC will look into the issues with regards to “Tang Jait” and make sure that duplicate titles during “Tang Jait” (Ceremonial adoption of title) will not happen.

Earlier today, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) Sohiong Circle went and inquired from the CEM regarding their findings that were multiple instances of “Tang Jait” for the title of Kharshari.

After the inquiry, the CEM immediately informed the Council officers that multiple instances of “Tang Jait” are not allowed and he also said that he will contact those people who have already done the title adoption ceremony as this is dangerous.

Titosstarwell Chyne said that there are people all over the state who are still carrying out the ceremony of adopting titles which the KHADC is not aware of. He praised the efforts of the HYC which lets them know that this problem is happening and at the same time, he also requested the different clans in the state to find out first if a title has been adopted or not.

He said that the title Kharshari was first adopted by the Rynjah and later adopted by the Shabong which can lead to problems for the offspring and also said that these kinds of events can help the people be more aware and avoid multiple adoptions of the same title.

The CEM said that in order to avoid this issue, the Council will set up a website where people can check whether a title has been adopted or not.

He also added that the “Tang Jait” can only be carried out with the offspring, and if the male Khasi gets a non-Khasi wife, she can’t adopt the title as that can be dangerous and the Council will not accept that.

On speaking with the president of the HYC, Sohiong, Purningstar Shabong, he said that the organisation found out about this problem after filing an RTI which also revealed that the new title was recognised by the Council. He said that the organisation brought up this matter as it could lead to problems with checking the bloodlines in the long run. He also said that the CEM has promised to contact the people who adopted the Kharshari title and fix this problem.

He also added that there were talks with Council with regards to the non-Khasi wife that she shouldn’t adopt the title after getting married as it is against the KHADC laws and at the same time, it is against the traditional rules of “Tang Jait” as it can bring problems and cause multiple issues.

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